San Ramon de Rio Blanco

San Ramon de Rio Blanco

"Vela de la Novia" Karen Mogenson Reserve


Most of the ‘traffic’ that passes by my house in San Ramon de Rio Blanco (AKA The Jungle House) are horses and oxcarts.


The Karen Mogensen Reserve (AKA Cerro Escondido Lodge) is a community eco-tourism project located a short walk from the Jungle House.


To book a couple of nights at the Karen Mogenson Reserve call or email ASEPALECO ( phone # (506) 2-650-0607. Reservations must be made in advance so they can get the food, etc for your stay with them up into the reserve. The little pueblo of San Ramon de Rio Blanco is about 3 km from the entrance of the reserve and close to where my Jungle House is located.


Video of the Karen Mogensen Reserve

Here is a short YouTube clip of the Karen Mogensen Reserve

Directions to the Jungle House: Follow the directions on the DIRECTIONS page to Jicaral. To get to the jungle house (and in the direction of the K. Mogenson Reserve) drive aprox 8 km W of Jicaral (dirt road) you will see a sign on the right for the Karen Mogenson Reserve (look for La Perla Bar on the corner (to the left) – have a cold drink or beer here. Drive down this road until you think you have gone too far and keep going. Continue to follow the signs to the Reserve. Ask for directions to San Ramon de Rio Blanco. When you are in the center of the “town” you will see a church. Stop. Face the church and look to the left. That will be Arnulfo & Mari’s house. Tell them that you will be staying in Stephen’s house…. And, ask someone in the family to give you directions or help guide you to my house (you will have to backtrack a bit from here). The howler monkeys start calling at daybreak. Rodrigo – my ‘pet’ snake is probably in the house – use a broom to coax him outside and then pick him up with the broom handle and carry him off some distance away from the house. He is pretty mellow about this as he is quite well accustomed to the routine.


 How To Train Your Ctenosaur Medium 

OK. So what is an ox? And, how do you get them to pull a cart?  Watch as Fidel manages his critters to move a load of river gravel. This is a